Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Good Rāz vitamin D3 Drops better than other vitamin D supplements?
The fact that it’s taste-free and water-soluble! This means Good Rāz is undetectable when added to any food or drink (even water!), and it’s super easy to take daily. No more messy oils or hard-to-swallow pills. Its water-soluble properties make it quick absorbing for maximum benefits!
How many servings are in this bottle?
Each bottle contains ~4 months worth of daily servings (2 drops per day).
Can I take more than 2 drops per day?
While 2 drops per day is our Good Rāz daily serving, physician-recommended amounts may vary. Please chat with your healthcare provider about what dose is best for you.
Can I add Good Rāz to food?
Absolutely! You can add two drops of Good Rāz to any food or drink of your choice. You won’t even taste it!
What does water-soluble mean?
Water-soluble simply means it dissolves when added to water. Not only does this help Good Rāz instantly dissolve into your drink, it also allows it to quickly and easily absorb into the body.
Can I add it to my wine? (TGIF!)
Sure can. Your secret’s safe with us ;)
Can I take this on an empty stomach?
Yes! In general, vitamin D3 is more effective when taken with a fat source (like a splash of cream in your coffee) but Good Rāz won’t irritate your stomach or cause nausea when taken before a meal.
Do I have to take it in the morning?
Nope! You can take your Good Rāz any time of day. We happen to love adding it to our morning coffee, orange juice, or breakfast foods so that we don’t forget later in the day, but it’s completely up to you. Pro tip: try to take it at the same time each day so it helps you build the habit.
Is it safe for my kids to take?
Vitamin D3 is safe for nearly everyone to take. As always, we recommend consulting your pediatrician first.
Does this product include any of the 8 major food allergens?
Nope! Good Rāz does not include any of the 8 major food allergens. We’re gluten-free and Kosher, too!
Will Good Rāz make my skin tan, too?
We're good, but we're not THAT good. Only the sun will give you a summer glow. P.S. Don't forget your sunscreen!